Diamond - Elite Package




Take your business to the next level by attracting qualified customers to your instagram page. This is the perfect system to build brand awareness, develop brand loyalty, and to increase customer acquisition. This plan is perfect for e-commerce stores, media moguls, established entrepreneurs, and vendors. Target your competitors and approach their followers to showcase your products to them. With this package, you will also get a special dashboard to see your highest engaging followers and growth analytics. 

  • Powerful Targeting
  • Built-in AI Optimization
  • Smart Filter
  • Language Targeting
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Niche Filtering
  • Vertical Growth


We don't just want you to get real followers – our focus is increasing your audience organically, as well as your engagement and exposure. Your automation campaigns will automatically fine-tune based on data from previous actions. The beauty of social growth! – No extra work required! Our machine learning optimizations ensure that your automation progress only gets better with every action. Results only get better with time!


  • Your Personal Social Media Manager
  • Active Real followers
  • Views over 60 million account stories 
  • Weekly Analytic reporting
  • 32-day campaign subscription
  • 1,000 - 5,000 Organic Followers
  • 30 min Consultation call
  • Engagement Groups 
  • Free Weekly Conference Training Calls
  • Instagram Growth Video Series
  • Monetization plan
  • Account cleansing Ghost followers/following